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can we talk about the fact that the top 5 singles in itunes right now are all by women and the 3rd is a collaboration between 3 women.

can we talk about that



Ten life lessons taylorswift has taught me. 

  1. It’s perfectly acceptable to express your emotions. You shouldn’t be afraid to have emotions, they make you human.
  2. You shouldn’t be afraid to be yourself, dance alone, listen to a different type of music. It defines who you are and who you are is incredibly beautiful.
  3. Don’t contain yourself in a box. Allow yourself to branch out and explore new things.
  4. Being tall isn’t a curse and you should still wear very high heels (with your head held high).
  5. Being kind isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a rare sort of strength that is undervalued in society.
  6. You can never have enough recipes in your arsenal. 
  7. You’re more than your relationship status, there’s freedom in independence.
  8. You don’t have to know everything in your 20’s, but don’t throw your 20’s away by surrounding yourself with toxic people.
  9. Spontaneity and adventure could lead to some of the most fervent memories when you look back at 80 years old.
  10.  Allow yourself to look up to someone, because that someone may indeed be a very tall and talented 24 year old who happened to save your life. 

Thank you for everything you have done, taylorswift. I love you.




being roommates with Lorde by Carly Incontro


when you hear that taylorswift be creeping on tumblr


“She’s a very warm, loving person, and I think she kind of spreads that around to her fans, family and friends. I think if a guy pinned her down they would be happy.”

Ed Sheeran on Taylor Swift (via tswiftdaily)


(via something-about-taylor)

  •  I don't care if she's country. I don't care if she's pop. I don't care if she's somewhere in the middle of both. All I care about is Taylor and if she's happy. You know what? Last night was the happiest I've seen Taylor in a long time and that made me so happy. So I don't mind one bit that she's not country anymore because she's having the time of her life right now and STILL making insanely amazing music. You go Tay.

…I left my scarf there at your sisters house and you still got it in your drawer even now…

and you call me up again
just to break me like a promise
so casually cruel in the name of being honest


when taylor happy

i happy 

when taylor sad

i sad

when taylor angry

i angry 

when taylor hot

i no hot

  •  *New Taylor Swift album*
  • Me: [listens to track 5 immediately]